Resolutions and relationships have two things in common – duplicity and integrity.

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Duplicity or Integrity

The start of a New Year brings an aura of freshness – a new beginning and new resolutions, the most common probably being to lose weight and make new relationships, or we vow to be a better friend or spouse.

During the holidays, which begin with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and end with the New Year, food and drink are a huge part of celebrating. When January begins and we wake up New Years day, things have a way of looking different and we want to do something about it – change something.

Let’s pick an ‘easy’ one and start with losing weight. The first week goes by, then the second. Work becomes work and the long days of winter start to have their effect. We come home one evening after a particularly hard day, or week, and food and drink beckon. The resolve weakens and the roller coaster begins.

Relationships have the same quality as resolutions. We start with the intent of positive interaction and communication. As we get on in the relationship it can change. We start to see the negatives instead of keeping with the positives. It is natural as you get to know someone to see the negatives. As ‘self ‘ stops being satisfied with the positives, we can begin to let the negatives overtake the relationship and duplicity raises it head. The relationship falters and something that started out with brightness and hope begins to fade.

In both resolutions and relationships, often times we don’t mean to let duplicity enter into our original decision. That is where integrity enters in. Integrity is being honest with oneself. It guides us and allows us to accept ourselves and others with the strengths and weaknesses we all have. In so doing we resolve to help ourself as well (by getting back to losing that weight).

‘The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.” Proverbs 11:3

What would you rather be known as? The tougher road is to be ‘upright’. Are you up for it?

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I retired from a career as a tennis professional to move to Portland with my wife to care for my in-laws and my mother in Abbotsford, BC. Not wanting to retire I took a vocational test and at the top was 'writer'. I have been researching and writing for about five years now and am looking to take more steps forward in pursuing this as a career. Time will tell whether I have the 'passion' to stay the course. My wife and I have three grown children with whom we are close. I had the privilege of coaching a high school team to a state championship in 2010. The team won by 1/2 point which was a credit to all team players. Looking to attend another writer's conference this year and grow. In the meantime I look forward to improving my social networking skills in order to have more meaningful contact with others who share a passion for life.
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