Use Twitter or Facebook? Pro Tennis Players

Use Twitter or Facebook? Pro Tennis Players

When comparing professional tennis players statistics on Twitter and Facebook, it would seem personalities and lifestyles influence which one the player prefers. Some players have more followers on Twitter versus Facebook and some have more Facebook followers than on Twitter.


Serena Williams and Andy Roddick have far  more followers on Twitter than Facebook. Juan Martin del Poltro and Stan Warinka have more Twitter followers than on Facebook, but not as big a difference as Williams and Roddick. It would appear the biggest reason is their lifestyle and personality. They prefer the interaction of Twitter over that of Facebook. Tweeting after winning or losing matches gives fans immediate feedback on their players experiences, which seems to suit these players personalities and lifestyles.

In a previous blog I referred to the betting crowd and how negatively they tweeted when their player lost. The players listed here would fall into the category of winning more matches and tournaments than losing, thus possibly not opening themselves up to large numbers of negative tweets. The personalities of these players are also conducive to tweeting more about what is happening in their lives. They seem to tweet much more often and their followers increase accordingly.


Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Maria Sharapova dominate in their Facebook followers. versus their Tweet followers. They do update their fan pages on Facebook from time to time but their postings on these fan pages on Facebook are not as prevalent as those that tweet. This seems to provide more stability to their followers/fans. These updates, sometimes accompanied with video, also allow comments from the fan base and allow a longer interaction period than tweets. The players personalities and lifestyles would seem allow a more protective side to their private lives, while still providing interaction with their followers that supports their image and business interests.


Twitter has about one-fifth the users of Facebook. Facebook fans spend an average of 25-30 minutes on Facebook compared to approximately 8 minutes on twitter. Another point is that a tweet does not last as long. It is here and gone with the tweeter moving on with their followers leaving those present tweets in the past. In today’s age of social media interacting with professional tennis players, it is interesting to match up the statistics of player’s usage of either Twitter and Facebook. In most cases other than those discussed above, the followers almost even out with a slight advantage to Facebook.

Analyzing your personality and lifestyle, would you rather interact with Twitter or Facebook in your social media presence?


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